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Far Infrared Mica Heating Panel for Physiatrics Be

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Product Name: Far Infrared Mica Heating Panel for Physiatrics Be
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Specifications MZRM-12
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mica heating panel and board are Widely used for Convectory heater, Radiant heater, sauna room,Glass, mica compound heater,Physiatrics bed,Wax melter etc Basic Specification Mica heater Carbon film Operating Temperature max 200 degree C Craft Carbon Film Type Carbon-Film Resistor Package Type Other Resistance Value 10~1000ohm Rated Power 100W~2000W Detail Description Mica heating board/panel adopts different kinds of nonmetal conductive materials and radiated materials such as inorganic ceramic and glass to form an inorganic conductive resistance film on its surface, through different techniques such as printing, high temperature sintering and envelopment. It comes into being a whole unit whose outer surface covered with mica insulated slice and hemmed with metal. When it is electrified, the electric resistance film gives out infrared heat to form heat radiant point and heat itself through convection. Performance Features of Mica Heating Board/Panel: 1. The element produces no open flame and oxygenation when it works. The using life is 50 times more than ordinary electric heating wire element. 2. The element gives out high far-infrared radiation whose infrared wavelength is 2-15um, which is helpful to our health. 3. Made of inorganic material, the element can provide steady performance, low thermal inertia and fast increased temperature. And the electricity performance will not change under work state and reserve state. 4. The element is a kind of planar heat source which equally heat in full area and its degree of uniformity reaches 85%. 5 .It is a kind of minus temperature coefficient electric heating element, no security threat from shock current.

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